13 Advanced SEO Techniques To Grab More Visitors

13 Advanced SEO Techniques To Grab More Visitors

13 Advanced SEO Techniques To Grab More Visitors

13 Advanced SEO Techniques That Grab More Visitors

Advanced SEO Techniques: If you want to know some Advance SEO Techniques then you are at the right place.

All the tips are used personally us by and some other creators. These help us to generate a good amount of Traffic and help us to rank.

These are the Best Techniques for 2019 and the coming years.

1 Length Of Content

Earlier Google determines keyword as one of the major ranking factors.

But now with the updates in the Google Algorithm, there are many other factors also which determine the rankings.

Previously if you were using a keyword multiple times or in other words if you are doing keyword stuffing then also you can rank, but nowadays it is not possible to rank by doing keyword stuffing.

Factors like Length Of Content, Site Speed, Proper use of Keywords, Backlinks and many more things are the major things on which Google focuses.

According to the latest study by the Brian Dean of Backlinko the Length Of Content plays a very significant role in the rankings.

Backlinko analyzed 1 Million Google Searches and found that Length Of Content has a direct and deep impact on the rankings. He shows this with the help of a graph.

13 Advanced SEO Techniques That Grab More Visitors

They found that on an average Google’s first-page search results have 1890 words.

The blogs that are written in depth are more likely to rank than others.

Now you may have a question “How to determine the ideal word count for the blog”?

For this, you can take the reference of your competitors.

Search the Keyword for which you want to rank and make a list of the word count of the top 10 search results.

Now, find out the average number of words that your competitors are writing and try to write the blog around that word limit or more than that.

By this, you can easily find the word count for your blog. You can apply the same trick to find out the ideal number of graphics for your blog.

But you should also remember one thing that length is not the only thing you should focus upon.

There are some blogs that don’t have length but still, they are ranking. This is because they have the quality.

If your blog has all the necessary information about the particular topic in depth and even if the length of the blog is short then also there are chances that it will rank.

You should always prefer quality over quantity.

13 Advanced SEO Techniques That Grab More Visitors

If you are not adding value to the reader’s knowledge and making the blog unnecessarily long then this is not going to work at all.

So you should have a proper balance between the quality and the length of the content. This is the best way to rank.

2 Site Speed

Site Speed is one the Key Feature in today’s world to rank.

Google recently confirmed that Site Speed is one of the major ranking factors. If you want to rank then you need to be fast.

13 Advanced SEO Techniques That Grab More Visitors

Even studies have told that if your website is taking more then 3 seconds then there are 50% chances that the visitor will skip and move on to another site. The numbers are really big so you can’t just ignore them.

So now we are going to discuss the major factors that affect the Site Speed and how you can solve this

Web Hosting

Web Hosting plays the most important role in your site speed.

13 Advanced SEO Techniques That Grab More Visitors
                                                                                   Advanced SEO Techniques

There are many hosting plans available in the market among which Shared Hosting is one of the cheapest plans. Most of the users tend to buy the cheapest hosting.

Shared hosting is not that bad in the previous days but nowadays the services of the shared hosting have degraded. So you must think about it before buying.

Fast hosting is necessary for better optimization.

Along with the speed, a better hosting also provides you better security and service.

You must think twice before buying hosting as it is the key factor whcih determines the quality of your website.

Location of your server

Location of your server directly affects the speed of the website.

If the location of the server is close to the users then it will take less time and if the server is far then it will take a longer time to access the data.

It’s easy to understand.

So before choosing the hosting, you must confirm “Where are the servers?”

If the servers are in the same country or nearby then is really good and if it is not then you may think for the other alternative.

Image Compression

If you are using a lot of images then it becomes necessary to compress the images otherwise the load time of the website will increase automatically.

Large Size Images directly reduces the site speed.

There are many websites that do Image Compression for free like Image Compressor, Compress JPEG.

You can visit these sites and can easily compress the images.


The plugin is a type of software which adds a specific type of function to the website.

Plugins also affect the speed to a great extent. The more you use the less will be the speed.

The more plugins are installed the more resources are used and hence the site speed will decrease.

So you must use only those plugins that are necessary for the website and that to of the good quality.

3 Upgradation of Old Content

Do you want more traffic with minimum efforts then this trick is for you?

 Advanced SEO Techniques

Upgrading the old content can help you to get a huge amount of traffic.

This is an easy way and in minimum time you can get high results.

One of the major factors of Google which determines the SERP is “How fresh the blog is?”

You can update the old blog post by the following ways;

Add New Graphics

Adding a few new Graphics can change the interface of the whole blog.

Adding an attractive Graphic at the starting can force the visitors to read the whole content.

Graphics should be well optimized and related to the blog. Try to add the Images that are more catchy and simple.

Using correct graphics at correct places can improve the quality.

Adding More Social Media Icons

Increasing Social Media Icons can help you in getting more Social Shares.

Try to add the common social media Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest.

 Advanced SEO Techniques

Along with them, you can also add Gmail.

Gmail is the most common platform and almost every user has signed up at it. So it becomes really easy for the users to share the content.

Social Sharing is one of the best ways to make content Viral.

By Changing the Url

Earlier I used to have a URL like

 Advanced SEO Techniques
Advanced SEO Techniques

This was really complex and not easy for anyone to understand the content by reading the URL.

Later I changed the URL.

 Advanced SEO Techniques

I was shocked that by changing the URL, the traffic increases by 70%.

The numbers are really insane.

Adding some new content and by changing, some of the Headings and Sub Headings can really make a big change.

This simple trick can give a whole new look to your blog.

As earlier mentioned the length of the content also improves the ranking so adding new content can help you in two ways.

4 Deep Internal Linking

Internal linking is the best way to derive traffic from one page to another.

By the help of internal links, you can easily reduce Bounce Rate and increase page views.

If you are having 100 blog post and each blog is interlinked to at least 6-7 other blogs then all your blogs are interlinked. This gives a positive sign to Google that all your blog post are well managed and linked to each other.

Your Blogs may look like this

 Advanced SEO Techniques

When you link to the home page to other pages, you can improve your SEO score and DA.

The other benefit of Internal Linking is that when one of your blogs is rank then automatically it will derive traffic to other blogs than in this way the overall performance of the improves.

5 Mobile Friendly Content

Almost 60% of the daily searches are done by mobile only. That means the majority of your traffic is coming from mobile.

You should be sure that whether your Website is mobile friendly or not.

13 Advanced SEO Techniques That Grab More Visitors

If you are using WordPress then you don’t have to take tension about Mobile Friendliness because WordPress itself converts your website mobile friendly.

If in case you still want to check whether your website is Mobile Friendly or not then you can just go to them to check my site. A free tool by Google to check whether your site is Mobile Friendly or not.

This is the best way you can check your website.

6 Keyword Research

Keyword Research plays a very important role in the rankings.

If you are a beginner and try to rank on a highly competitive short keyword then it is going to be really difficult for you.

You have to admit it that in a single day you can’t rank on highly competitive keywords. You have to have to start from low competitive keyword then start moving to the high competitive keywords.

If you are bigger then in the starting try to target Long Tail Keywords.

Competition is low on the long tail keywords so it will become easy for you to rank on those keywords. It will give you the confidence and then slowly try to build quality link and move towards the short tail keywords.

There are many tools like Ubersuggest, Ahrefs, Google Keyword Planner which will help you to find the perfect keywords.

Let’s take the example of Ubersuggest

First, go to the Ubersuggest and type the keyword for which you want to rank.

13 Advanced SEO Techniques That Grab More Visitors

A whole detail of the keyword along with some other related keywords will appear.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is 2-1024x442.jpg

You can check the number of monthly searches, keyword difficulty score and number of backlinks.

13 Advanced SEO Techniques That Grab More Visitors

In this way, you will get the idea whether is it easy or difficult to rank on the particular keyword.

Tip: There is a free tool “Can I Rank” with the help of which you can get a complete view of the Keyword.

7 More Infographics

13 Advanced SEO Techniques That Grab More Visitors

                                                                                     Advanced SEO Techniques

Infographics are visual representations of data, making complex info easier to share and digest. When making your own, simply organize your images, charts, and text.

In the studies, it is found that people tend to share 40% more in visual data then the text and infographics are the best way to get more shares

While making the Infographics don’t just focus on the Graphics, provide valuable information and facts so that it adds value to the user’s knowledge.

Some of the reasons to use Infographics:

1 Potential To Get Viral Easily

Infographics have a high potential to get Viral. They are more attractive and have more impact on the Human Brain.

Infographics get more social shares which are the key feature to get Viral. A good infographic along with the blog ( in detail) based on the Infographic can help you to create Viral Content.

2 Attractive

Infographics are more attractive than normal text. A human mind can easily scan it and remember for a longer time. Infographics have the potential of 30X times of shares then the normal texts.

3 Quality Backlinks

Infographics are one of the Best ways to get Quality Backlinks. When you publish an informative and shareable Infographic then people will link you when they share the infographic on their blog.

8 Optimize Your Content For Voice Search

Voice Search is the future of the Internet.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is blur-close-up-connection-218717-1024x684.jpg

    Advanced SEO Techniques

According to some reports about 30-40% of the searches will be done via Voice Search by 2020.

The numbers may increase in the coming years. So you have to be ready for it.

There are some features like voice recognition which is not developed properly now but scientists are working at it at a rapid speed.

Focus more on the content and try to include long tail keyword because while doing Voice Search people generally use Long Tail Keyword.

9 Social Media

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is apple-cell-phone-cellphone-607812-1024x683.jpg

One of the Key Factor that determines that whether your content will go viral or not is the Sharing.

Social Media is one of the best ways through which people will share your blog if they like it. Sharing of the content depends totally on the Share Triggers.

Share Triggers are the things which you add in your content which force the audience to share your content.

If they like your content then they will definitely share it.

So one of the best to help the audience by which they can share your content is by providing Social Media Share Option.

By doing this simple trick you can boost up your traffic at a huge rate.

Social Sharing helps in making the content viral.

Along with the sharing always post your content on all the Social Media platforms.

Always post your content on Social Media in a unique way.

10 Create Predictably Viral Content

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is Voice-2.jpg

There is no formula for making Viral Content. If there was any everyone would have used it.

But there are some simple tricks whcih you can try to make it viral.

(a) Viral Content tends to contain a lot of visual (images, videos, infographics). The type of images doesn’t really matter.

Make a strategy for this.

Analyze all the page 1 blogs in your keyword. Note the number of images they are using in their blog.

Make a rough idea about the average number of images in each blog post. So now you have to use the number of images then that average number.

By doing this simple tactic you can boost your traffic.

(b) Viral Content have High Quality and Utility

It is a well-known fact that only that content which is unique and contains high-quality information will go viral.

Uniqueness is the thing which pushes the audience to share your content.

In making any content viral social sharing plays a very important role. If the audience is not sharing your content then it becomes really difficult for the content to go viral.

Practical content with the exact information that the user wants tends to have high chances to go viral.

(c) Viral Content tends to have more word count

In the recent study by Buzzsumo, it is found that Long Form content have higher chances to go viral then the short form content.

In the same study, it is found that Long Form content has more social shares.

Long Form content tends to get more backlinks.

People love linking to long-form content.

The major reason that long-form content works as it contains majorly all the LSI keywords so the content is keyword rich and it becomes really easy for Google to rank.

Content with at least 3000 words get more shares then the short articles.

(d) The Initial Push

According to the studies over 10 Million blogs are published every single day and about 2 Million blogs are published on the WordPress only.

Their numbers are really insane.

These numbers are increasing every single day.

Just imagine your competition. You have to be really smart.

To make the content viral you need an initial push.

You can get this by sharing the content at Social Media. Sharing of the blog really becomes important to make it viral. Share on all the Social Media platforms as much as you can.

Share the content repeatedly after every fixed interval of time.

One other way to go viral is by gaining some quality Backlinks in advance.

You can find some sites according to your niche and told them that you are having an awesome piece of content and tell them to link it with their site.

Some of them will definitely reply and when you publish the content reply to their e-mail by sending the link of your blog. They are going to provide you the Quality Backlink that you need.

11 Stearic Times For Social Media Posting

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is blur-cellphone-cellular-telephone-533446-1024x576.jpg

From the above-mentioned points, we can easily understand that Social Media is a very important medium to share the content to a larger audience.

So now the question arises which is the best time to post on Social Media?

So now we are going to answer this.

One can post on Social Media anytime. It will reach to some audience. But the best time to post on Social Media is specific. In this time period, you can reach the maximum number of audience.

Studies have told that the peak time to post on the Social Media is

Facebook: 7am, 12pm,5pm

Twitter: 2pm, 9pm, 2am

Instagram: 9am, 5pm, 2am

Pinterest: 9am,11am,1pm

So you can try this for posting on Social Media. It will definitely help you.

12 Use External Links of the Reputated Sites

You may think that why should you link other blogs to your blog? It may take away all your visitors.

But this is not right. Outbound Links can be a game changer for your website.

So linking external links of the sites which have high DA to your sites can help them as well as you also.

When you have written a great piece of content and if you are linking some of the top websites accordingly at the correct places then it will definitely help you.

When the crawlers visit your website and they find the links of the top website in that niche then it will definitely send some good signals to the Search Engine.

Linking to the Top Sites reveals that you are making useful content and giving some productive thing to the audience.

Even one of the most popular tool of WordPress Yoast SEO also suggests linking external sites.

You should always remember one thing. Don’t link unwanted blogs.

Link only 8-9 blogs which are very much relevant to your blog as that of yours.

13 Analyze what your users want

The most important thing to rank the blog is to analyze what your users want from you.

If you are not providing the actual information that what your users want then you are not going to rank even if you follow all the basic rules.

To analyze this Google Search Console is the Best.

Google Search Console is the only free tool by Google which helps you to rank on the Top. It provides you the actual data of the number of impressions, clicks, CTR, bounce rate, Top Keywords, and pages for which you are ranking.

Along with these Google Search Console also provides you the features like Sitemaps, Coverage Issue, Mobile Issues, URL Inspection.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is new-gsc-performance-report-1024x496.png

All these stats and features can really help you to rank.

First, go to the Google Search Console and if you haven’t signed up to Google Search Console then do it fast.

If you are getting a lot of impressions on a particular keyword then that means you can rank on that keyword. You just have to create more quality content around that keyword.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is google-search-console-review-09-queries-1024x491.png

You can also monitor the bounce rate. If you are getting clicks on a blog but the Bounce Rate is high that means you have to work more on the content and have to make it more useful and attractive.

You can get a better view of the Keywords on with you are ranking. You can get a list of all the Keywords on which you are ranking. For more traffic try to write a blog on the same ranked keyword.

You can check the Mobile Usability of the website and if the blog is not mobile friendly then you can also rectify it. Sitemap submission is also a very good feature. You can just simply submit the Sitemap by one simple click.

Google Search Console also tells you about the Coverage.

Coverage is the pages that are not indexed in Google and your traffic will be affected.

You can simply solve all the Coverage in just one click Issues simply. Google Emails you for all the Coverage Issues and reminds you to fix them. It helps you in the ranking.

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