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Blog Commenting Site List: Whenever we think of Backlinks the First thought that comes to our mind is Blog Commenting. Really it is one of the best ways to gain Backlinks. It is one of the easiest ways to gain a backlink.

Blog Commenting Sites List
Blog Commenting Site List

Blog Commenting is one of the best ways to build relationships.

Building relationships with the people in your industry are very essential nowadays to grow. If you are having a good relationship with someone then they will provide you the quality backlink and they will help you to rank and grow fast.

And for building relationships Blog Commenting is one of the best ways. When you regularly comment on someone’s blog then they will easily recognize you and when you ask for a link them they will help you.

What is Blog Commenting?

In SEO Blog Commenting is a method by which we post a comment on someone’s webpage with our Websites links in order to gain a Backlink. It is up to the admin of the Website whether he accepts or rejects the Comment.

Why Blog Commenting?

Blog Commenting is one of the best and easiest ways to gain quality Backlink. We just have to do a relevant Comment of someone’s Website and we will gain a Backlink. This is really easy.

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How to do a proper Blog Commenting?

Many people get confused about how should they do proper blog commenting.

There are some simple tips for you

1 Always do Blog Commenting on the same Niche same as that yours. For Example, If your website is about food then you should do a blog commenting on the website related to food. If you are doing Blog Commenting on irrelevant nitch as that of yours then it is not going to help you.

2 First, try to read at least the Heading and one paragraph of the post and then try to ask a Question related to the Post. Never do copy paste of the same comment in all the Comments. They will not approve your comments and will send it to the Spam and all your hard work will be of no use.

Importance Of Blog Commenting

Blog Commenting is one of the easiest ways to gain quality Backlink. You can get good traffic if you do relevant Blog Commenting.

Do they really work in today’s world

You might have this question. But the Truth is YES it really works. It gives you the Quality Backlink that you want.

Pros Of Blog Commenting

  1. The easiest way to Gain Quality Backlink.
  2. One of the fastest and effective way.

Cons of Blog Commenting

If you do the Blog Commenting on irrelevant or the websites that do not follow Googles Rules then it might affect your Website in a negative way. Relevancy is one thing that you should always keep in your mind.

Tip: Nowadays Google do not provide DA (Domain Authority) so you can use Alexa Ranking as one of the Factor to judge the quality website.


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