8 Ways To Built High-Quality Backlinks (2019)

8 Ways To Built High-Quality Backlinks (2019)

8 Ways To Built High-Quality Backlinks (2019)

Best Ways To Built High-Quality Backlinks

Are you looking for the Best Ways To Built High-Quality Backlinks?

If yes, then you are in the right place.

Today we are going to tell you the techniques that actually worked for us and helped us to rank.

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Some of the Best Ways To Built High-Quality Backlinks

1 Broken Link Building Method

Broken Link Building is one of the Best Ways To Built High-Quality Backlinks.

It is one of the easiest ways to gain quality backlink with minimum efforts. You can easily create some awesome links.

The Broken Link Building works because, with the Broken Link Building method, you add value to someone’s website and then ask them for a link.

This is a really simple strategy and studies have shown that it works more in gaining a quality backlink in lesser time as compared to the other methods.

Here is how you can do this.

First add check my link extension, Its a free Google Chrome Extension Tool.

Broken Link Building Method

Find a site that you want to get the link from.

If you don’t have any idea about the site then simply put the keyword for which you want a link in Google.

Broken Link Building Method

Open Top search results and visit a few pages and run the Check My Link Extension. It will show you all the Broken Links that are on that page.

Broken Link Building Method

Now you will come across a few of the Links that aren’t working or dead now. Now its time tell the site owner that few of the links that you are linked with are not working. You can tell them about the Broken Links by sending E-mail and ask them to link your site instead of theirs.

Most of the sites have an E-mail address in their “About” section so you can pick the E-mail address of the site owner from their otherwise there is another Google Chrome Extension “E-mail Hunter“. With the help of this extension, you can easily get the E-mail address

Broken Link Building Method

E-mail should be personalized. The more personalized your E-mail there are more chances that you will get the link.

2 Backlinks For .edu Websites

The Backlinks from the .edu websites are super powerful. Ever a single backlink from the .edu website can make a tremendous change in your rankings or the traffic.

The chances of getting a Backlink from the .edu sites is really low. Only a very few sites will reply you and only 3-4 % will give you the link.

But remember one thing that even a single link can make a huge change and can help you a lot.

Most of the Universities have a resource page for the students and the teachers where they can find the links of different website from where any piece of information is taken.

Firstly find the .edu websites that provide links to your website or have some similar content as that of your website.

You can search on Google like

.edu “Your Keyword” + “Resource”

.edu “Your Keyword” + other sites

Keyword “best resources”

Find a site in your niche and try to contact them through E-mail.

There are some other ways also by which you can get a link from .edu sites.

You can take Part in a Seminar, Meeting the Professor, Proving some kind of service to the University, etc. But these will consume a lot of time and energy. So you have to make a smart choice that how you have to work.

Tip: Don’t try to make a lot of Backlinks from the .edu sites in a very short period of time because the links from these sites are very powerful and can suddenly increase your Traffic. So it might send a negative message to the Search Engine of spamming.

3 Building Good Public Relations

Building Good Public Relations

Link Building through Good Public Relations is one of the best Ways To Built High-Quality Backlinks nowadays.

Get a high-quality backlink is not a piece of cake nowadays. You really need to work hard for even a single High-Quality Backlink.

No one is going to give you the Backlink in free. You have to gain it.

If people don’t know you then why will they provide you the Backlink?

So Good Public Relations are one way to get the Backlinks.

Making Good Public Relation won’t immediately boost up your backlinks and the rankings. It is a slow process and will help you in the Future. You are doing the work now so that in the future you can get the fruit.

You can easily make good relations with the people in your industry with the help of Social Media.

Social Media is one of the most powerful ways to built relations. Try to interact with the people of your industry as much as possible.

Build a community and try to help other people in your industry. Helping others is the best you can do. When you are helping others and giving them something then in return you will definitely get something.


4 Link Round-Ups

Link Roundup is one of the Best Ways To Built High-Quality Backlinks.

“Link Roundups are daily, weekly or monthly blog posts that curate (add a link to) outstanding content.”

Step 1 Find the Link Roundup in your niche.

If you don’t have any idea then just search on the Google

  •  “Keyword” + “Link Roundup”
  •  “Keyword” + This Week
  •  “Keyword” + This Month
  •  “Keyword” + “Best Of”
  •  “Keyword” + “”Roundups”

Step 2 You will find many results. Pick out best for you and try to contact them through E-mail.

Link Round-Ups

Always try to personalize them and don’t ask for the link directly.

Step 3 Now it’s time to sit back and wait for their reply. If your blog is good enough then they will definitely reply to you and will provide you a powerful backlink.

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5 Write Powerful Content

The Key to the Quality Backlink is Quality Content.

Content is the only thing that determines whether the person to whom you are approaching will provide you the backlink or not.

If your article is dull and not up to the mark they no one is going to provide you the link. As already mentioned in today’s world no one is going to provide you the link for free you will have to earn it.

Writing a  great piece of content with the proper use of images, videos, user-friendliness, internal links, external links, Advance SEO will help you to reach your goal.

To rank higher you have to analyze what your competitors are writing. What are the things they are missing and now you have to write your blog better than theirs?

You can do the research as follows

Go to Google and put your Keyword.

Open all the organic researchers one by one in a new tab.

Now make a list of

  1. Number of Images.
  2. Their Headings and Sub-Headings.
  3. The number of words counts.
  4. Analyze why someone is ranking on the top while others are lower than him. If you get this simple hack then you are going to rank soon.

Now while writing your blog include all the points that your competitors are including and also includes the points that they are missing

Use more the number of images as compared to the competitors. Images help a lot in improving the SEO score.

Use at least 7-8 interlinks. Link only relevant pages and the pages that you really want to rank.

Provide external links also, where ever necessary.

Now beat the Competitor in the Backlinks

When your content is better then your competitors then it becomes really easy to beat them.

Go to the Uber Suggest

Put the competitor’s link in the search box and click on search.

Write Powerful Content

Now you will come across a page where you can see the Organic Traffic, Organic Keywords, and many more things.

Best Ways To Built High-Quality Backlinks

Go to Top Pages on the Left-hand side of the page. Click on it.

Write Powerful Content

Now you can see all the Top Pages of your competitor’s websites that are ranking in Google.

Find the page in the list on which you have written the blog and want to rank.

In the middle of the page, you can see the column of the Backlinks. Click on that.

Write Powerful Content

Now you can see a list of Backlinks of your Competitor. This is all that you need.

Now go through each link and try to contact the website that has provided the links and tell them that you are providing better and more detailed content about the same topic and tell them to link you.

You can Contact the Website owners through E-mail.

Best Ways To Built High-Quality Backlinks

Make your E-mail personalize. The more you personalize your E-mail the more are the chances that you will get the link.

It’s really simple.

There are more chances that they will provide you the link because first, you are adding value to their website and then asking them for a link.

6 Guest Posting

Guest Posting is one of the oldest ways of getting a Quality Backlink.

If you want to derive visitors from others site to your site then Guest Posting is one of the best ways.

Nowadays some might say that Guest Posting is dead now but the truth is it isn’t. In fact even today it is one of the best for getting a high-quality backlink and deriving traffic from others site.

You might have come across this question “Where should I go for Guest Post”

Today you are going to get the answer to this question.

Method 1 Go to Google and search for the terms like

“Keyword” + guest post

“Keyword” + guest post submission

“guest post submission ”

“submit a guest post”

You will come across a list of blogs that submit Guest Posts.

In this way using the above methods you can easily websites where you can find Guest Post opportunities.

Method 2 Using Competitors Backlinks Data

This is one of the easiest ways to find guest post opportunities on the same platforms like that of your competitors. In fact, sites will help you the most as you will get the same backlink as that of your competitor.

Go to the Uber Suggest.

Type your competitors Url and press search.

Guest Posting

Go to the Backlinks.

Best Ways To Built High-Quality Backlinks

Now you can see the whole list of the sites from where your competitors had gained the backlinks.

Guest Posting

Search here for a few minutes and you will find a list of sites that provide Guest Post opportunities.

Request the site owner for the Guest Post.

E-mail them with the list of the trending topics of recent time on which you can write a blog and ask them for the Guest Post.

7 Infographics


Infographics is another way of presenting a piece of information.

“When someone represents information through charts, graphs and other forms that are known as infographics.”

Or in other words, “Infographics are a visual representation of information.”

Everyone loves visual data. Infographics are really easy to understand and one can easily remember the information provided in the Infographics for a much longer period of time.

Through Infographics you can generate traffic and when someone uses your Infographic in their Website then they give you a Quality Backlink.

There are many websites like Venngage, Piktochart, and Canva where you can create the Infographics for free.

Infographics works really well for all niches because everyone loves simplified information.

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8 Quora Question Answer

Quora Question Answer

According to reports, Quora has almost 100 million monthly users.

The numbers are really big and even increasing day by day.

Quora can be a great platform for you to promote your blog and to get quality backlinks and traffic.

Before you start writing on the Quora you must have some things in your mind

  • You should have in-depth content on your website so that the traffic derived have some quality and unique to read otherwise the traffic will run away.
  • Getting traffic and backlinks from the Quora takes time. You have to work regularly to derive traffic and to get quality backlinks.
  • Your aim should not be to only have a backlink, your focus should be on content.
  • When you are writing the answers on Quora the focus should be on delivering the best possible content to the user.

Things to remember when you are writing on Quora

  • Focus on providing better user experience.
  • Try to link the content smartly.
  • Do proper SEO.

Do not specify that ” Hy this is my blog link now go and check this.”

Instead, link any word or phrase like ” Advance SEO is necessary to rank.”

  • Don’t post too many links in a single blog. Quora have strict guidelines and if you don’t follow them then you will get punished. If you spam on Quora then your blog might be removed even without any warning.

Getting a backlink or traffic should not be your only goal on Quora. Instead, your goal should be to provide useful and valuable information to the users. If they like your content then they will definitely visit your website.

Which are the Best Ways To Built High-Quality Backlinks do you like?

Comment down and tell us.

Waiting for your replies.

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