What are meta tags  and  do they improve the factors of SEO?

What are meta tags and do they improve the factors of SEO?

What are meta tags?

Meta Tags :These are specific snippets of text and image content that provides brief of the webpage. When you search for a keyword and SERP’s (search engine page results) come the tile and description come along with the webpage link. Those are meta title and meta description. These meta tags are generally being used in the HTML code under the head tag so to make the crawlers easy to understand.


Why meta tags matter?

Google pulls all data from theses meta tags and meta description to show up with the webpage links and its an effective way to work on these meta tags to establish your content.

Does meta tags help with the SEO?

Yes, meta tags do a great job when talking for SEO through meta tags. The most important meta tag is the title tag, but it doesn’t mean that other tags are not so relevant. Image tag and description tag is moderately important, but the keyword tags are not so remarkable even you can ignore them.

Google used to depend on meta keywords also, but the negative use of these meta keywords made google stop considering meta keywords, so these meta keywords now don’t make any sense in the eye of google.

The meta tags come into a role after the content starts getting some traffic, they work efficiently to dive more traffic to your website, and it should work well enough when high-quality content is being written in meta tags.
It does not work as so easy though but here are some tips for you to generate good meta tags to create SEO factor that helps
So, lets first understand how many types of meta tags are there

1. Meta Title
2. Meta Keywords
3. Meta Description
4. Meta Robots
5. Meta Image

Meta Title

It is Second most crucial meta tag after SEO having tag <title>SEO</Title> which represents the webpage under SERP’s and is visible on the top of your website’s page. Google only allows 50-60 character in the meta title, but those 50-60 characters impact your ranking and the traffic you are getting.

Meta title

Writing a valid title is just as very important as your content as people only see the title first on SERP’s.

Meta Keywords

Its not useful now so we are not talking about this in-depth, but yes with these, you can mention keywords on your website.

“<meta name=”Keywords” content=” SEO, Digital marketing, content marketing “>“

This is the format of writing the meta keywords in the HTML code of each page.

Meta Description

Here is another major factor which leads to generating you the traffic, also google does take the description from the content of your page while showing into SERP’s but its better to optimize it so only to show the keyword effective and only necessary data which user should read out of the content

“<meta name= “description” content= “Seoamends helps with generating leads to the website with a high amount of traffic by letting you know how to drive traffic by SEO or digital marketing”> “

Format of writing this meta tag in HTML although this can be optimized by Yoast SEO plugin which will do a great job writing the description accordingly.

Meta description

Meta Robots

These meta robots tag are to make the search engine send their crawlers when we don’t like if you don’t want your page not to be shown on any search engine. Controlling till you fully optimize your content not to crawl will help you a lot after you optimize your content just let the search engine crawl you

<meta name=”robots” content=”noindex” />

Or if you only want specific search engine not to crawl you, so let’s consider google, Google does have their robot name Googlebot so the code will

“<meta name=”Googlebot” content=”noindex”> “

Now with this only google will not able to crawl you but all the remaining search engine will crawl you

Meta Image

This meta tag is excellent to make more clicks to your site as graphic content attract more users to click on the website. Most website ignores the graphic content, which does impact your website.And after you have read the whole article here is a tip for you to use one extra meta tag

Meta viewport

This is the meta tag which adjusts the size of the webpage according to the website. Google also ranks the website fast which is more towards optimization also that enhances the user experience

“<meta name=”viewport” content=”width=device.width” initial-scale=1.0> “

Working with the meta tags and writing the meta tags in HTML is not a complicated thing to do so you can easily do it and most important  are meta title and meta image and also if you prefer meta description makes it good


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