On Page SEO – Trick To Rank On Top

On Page SEO – Trick To Rank On Top

On Page SEO – Trick To Rank On Top

On Page SEO Trick To Rank On Top: Onpage Optimisation means that the work that you on your website or your posts that helps you to rank high in the Search Engine Results is known as Onpage Optimisation or in other words Onpage Optimisation means to make your website search engine friendly.

Onpage Optimisation is the most important part of SEO. If you want to rank your website then you have to do your onpage SEO according to the norms of the Search Engine. If you fulfill all the forms of the Search Engine then your website will definitely rank.

In today’s world, onpage seo is the only key to success. Off Page, Link Building, are the secondary things that one should do for the website. Firstly the onpage seo should be done. Nowadays Search Engine gives maximum score to your website according to your onpage seo.

Always remember that “Content Is The King”. If your content is not good then visitor that comes to your website will immediately exit but if your content is good then he will definitely like your website and this will ultimately improve your view time, bounce rate and will help you rank higher.

Some of the Key Factors of Onpage SEO are:-


WordPress provides you six headings. H1 to H6.H1 is the main heading and from 2 to H6 are the subheadings. We can only use it once. If you use H1 more than one time and it is the main heading on your post and then it will be considered as a bad sign from Google. Whereas H2-H6 can be used multiple times in a post according to our convenience and use.

On Page SEO - Trick To Rank On Top

For Example: If there is a website on Jokes and we someone is writing a post on Best Jokes Of 2019 then “Best Jokes of 2019” will come in H1 and the other headings for the category of jokes like “Jokes on Students, Jokes on Friends” will come in the H2 and if there is further category of H2 then it will come in H3 and similarly all the headings works.

Internal Links

Internal Links are the links of your own website. You have to post the links of your old posts into the new once (relevantly) so that if any visitor comes to your Website then he can easily Navigate to the other related posts by the help of that Internal Link.

Search Engine counts the Internal Links as a quality sign of your website and gives you SEO score according to that.

Outbound Links

Outbound Links are the links which are from the outside of your website. Generally, these are the links from where we get the information or from where we have researched about that topic. Search Engine checks the relevancy or corrects of the information that you provide in your posts through Outbound Links.

Search Engine gives extra points for the Outbound Links.

Keyword Phase Length

The length of the keyword also plays a very important role in the ranking. Search Engine ranks you according to your keywords only.


On Page SEO - Trick To Rank On Top

For example: If you are using only a one-word keyword say ‘India’ then the number of searches is high but if you are using the long tail keyword ‘Places to visit in India’ have higher chances of conversion.

If you a beginner then you should go for the long tail keywords instead of one or two-word keyword. It will help you to grow faster.

Meta Description

Meta Description is one of the most important things while doing On page SEO. When a user searches for a particular topic then lots of results came in front of him then the two line phase that you see without even opening about the links is called the Meta Description.

Always try to include your Keyword in the meta description so that the keyword density increases. Your Keyword density should be around 2-2.5%.


On Page SEO - Trick To Rank On Top

Image Alt Attributes

Image Alt Attributes or an alt text or alt tag is given to the image so that if the image is not displayed due to any reason then the text will be displayed in place of the Image. The image may not upload because the user may have turned off the images in the web browser or due to any connection issue. Image Alt Attributes gives a positive sign to the Search Engine and the Search Engine gives you extra points for this.

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Text Length

Text Length is one of the most important things according to the latest algorithm of Search Engines. The amount of words that you write plays a prominent role in the ranking. According to Google if your article is too short then you are not providing all the necessary information to the Visiter. If your article is of good length then it became easy for the Search Engine to judge your article in a proper way. There is no fixed word limit set by the Search Engine but roughly your article should be at least 400 words. Search Engine wants that a piece of full detailed information should be given to the visitor.

Now someone may have a question that if my content is such that I am not able to write more words?

The simple answer is no need to take tension. If on a particular topic you are not able to write an article of the desired length then your competitors also not have much information to write on that topic. So there is no hard and fast rule for the Words.

Yoast Seo

If you are a beginner and have your website on WordPress then the WordPress provides you a free Plugin “Yoast SEO”. It is one of the easiest and the most helpful Plugin. It automatically helps you to improve your SEO score. Yoost will provide you the details of all the things that will improve your SEO score. Even the smallest mistakes can be deducted from the Yoast.

Source: Google

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