Seo Or Paid Advertisement?? Which One Is Better??

Seo Or Paid Advertisement?? Which One Is Better??

Seo Or Paid Advertisement?? Which One Is Better??

Seo Or Paid Advertisement?? Which One Is Better??

Seo Or Paid Advertisement?? Which One Is Better??: We often tend to confuse between whether SEO is better or Paid Advertisement. Some people will say SEO which others may say that Paid Advertisement. But no one really knows which is better.

Today we will tell you exactly which is the Best. Some of the advantages of Seo and Paid Advertisement areas follows:

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  • Advantages Of Paid Advertisement
  • Advantages of SEO
  • Comparison Between Seo and Paid Advertisement
  • Seo Or Paid Advertisement?? Which One Is Better??

Advantages of  Paid Advertisement.

Scale Up Quickly:

One of the most important thing about the Paid Advertisement is that it helps you to grow fast. If you are having a budget then you can rank from the first day itself. You will rank on the top if you are paying. Whereas if you are doing SEO and wanting for the Organic Search then you want to want for at least 3-6 months to rank. The wait can also extent if you are not working in the Right Direction.

Target Region

This is one of the beautiful parts of Paid Advertisement. If you are spending money then you should have to right to spend it smartly and paid advertisement allows you to do this.

Paid Advertisement, you can target your audience by region or particular area.

For example, if you are from India and you know that only people from India will buy your product then you-you can only target the Indian Audience only. Why should you spend money on the people outside India? It will be a  total waste for you. But with the help of Paid Advertisement can target your audience easily. If you want that people only from India then you will get all the Traffic only from India.

You can also target a particular region also. For example, if you a Saloon in Delhi then you know only people from Delphi will come to your shop. Then if you pay off the Keyword “Best Saloon in Delhi” then whenever any people from Delhi searches for that particular Keyword then you will rank at the Top and no one outside Delhi will see this.

Isn’t is coo!! You can utilize your single penny and you will also have proper data for your expenditure.

Leverage Dayparting

Most of us don’t know this. Leverage Dayparting simply means that if you are having your office hours only during 10am-7pm then the Search engine will only show your ads during this particuler time only.

For example, if you are having customer care and you are available only during 10am-7pm then if anyone calls you after 7 pm and you are not able to attain the call then it’s totally waste for you. But with the help of Advertisement you can specify your working hours then it will show your ads only during that hours only.

Aggressive Landing Page

This is one of the best things that Paid Advertisement provides you. With an attractive landing page, you can have more conversions. According to a survey, most of the Audience get attracted by your landing page only. If you are having a proper and attractive landing page with some beautiful offers then their can higher chances of conversions. With the Paid Advertisement, you can easily target your Landing Page with the type of Audience you want.

Whereas with Organic Search it really difficult to have an attractive Landing Page. Google will only rank you on the Top when you have a piece of proper information about your product and have at least a min amount of words that Google wants. But generally, the Audience don’t want to read a 1000-2000 words article before they buy a simple product. They want that all the necessary information should be available in brief and simple world.

Now let’s talk about the Organic Search or SEO

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Advantages of SEO

Regular Traffic

With SEO you will get more regular traffic than Paid Advertisement. I have stopped working on SEO for few days then also you will get the right amount of traffic but in Paid Advertisement the day when your budget get over for the Advertisement then you will not get the traffic and regular traffic is important to grow as a brand on the Internet.

SEO is almost free

Yes, you heard it right. SEO is almost free. You have to pay a much lesser amount of money on Seo as compared to Paid Advertisement. For SEO you just have to hire a man on the job for the Backlinks and all the related stuff which costs you almost negligible as compared to Paid Advertisement. Paid Advertisement is really costly. For some particular Keywords, the rates are really high and the rate of conversion is also low (only 4-5%). You have to pay for every click whether it’s conversion or not.

Organic Traffic have higher CTR

The thing about the Organic Traffic is that it has a higher click-through rate. A general trend shows that people click more on the Organic Search Results then Paid Advertisement. People still a belief that the Organic Search Results are better and more useful as compared then Paid Advertisement Results.

When you are having regular visitors to your website at a much lower expenditure then it’s great for your business. If more visitors are coming to your website regularly then it’s good for your Website.

Now after reading all the Advantages of SEO and Paid Advertisement now the question arises which one is better and why????

Paid Advertisement, you can get a higher amount of traffic in a short period of time but the traffic is not regular whereas SEO requires time but the traffic is regular.

Paid Advertisement you can control the type of traffic on your website. You can get the traffic form specific region whereas with SEO you will get mixed traffic from all over the world.

When the algorithm of the Search Engine changes you may lose your organic traffic while in case of Paid Advertisement you will rank high even when the algorithm of the Search Engine changes because you are paying for that.

With SEO you have to write a lot of content related to our product it’s not totally in our hand to target the landing page. The Search Engine will decide which page will rank higher whereas in case of Paid Advertisement you the target your landing page and can have a much less content with the more attractive landing page.

Now we came to the ultimate question that which one is more profitable. SEO or Paid Advertisement????

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The answer is both. Yes both SEO and Paid Advertisement are profitable. If you are having a decent amount of budget then for sure Paid Advertisement will help you and if on a particular topic Paid Advertisement is working then SEO will also work. It’s simple if someone is paying for that thing that means people are also searching for that. If you they are searching they will definitely come to your website also but it may take some time.

People say SEO is better and some say Paid Advertisement is good but the real answer is both are good. If they are profitable then both are good.

In today’s market, you just can’t depend on a single thing. You have to do both SEO and Paid Advertisement to grow. Today everyone is making efforts to grow online so we have to be smart to grow our business. We have to make a balance between SEO and Paid Advertisement. We have to invest our money in a balanced way.



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