Top 10 SEO Tricks For 2019

Top 10 SEO Tricks For 2019

Top 10 SEO Tricks For 2019

  • The depth of your Content and Usefulness

Content is the Best way to grow on the Internet. You should be expert in your Niche

Content is always the King.

Top 10 SEO Tricks For 2019


If you write a blog or an article without proper research or having proper facts on that particular topic then do you really think that Google will promote you or help you?

There is a simple answer to that. NO. Why should Google Help yo if you are not sharing complete information?

Recent Studies have told us that Search Engine only promotes that Content which provides complete Information in a single blog on that particular topic. If you are writing a blog or an article then you should cover each and every expectation of that topic from every angle. You should have proper Facts, Data, and research.

Your blog should be value adding. The reader should get to know something new. It should add value to their lives.

  • Hosting

Top 10 SEO Tricks For 2019

Hosting plays a very vital role in your Website. If you are having a good hosting then it will help you to boost up your rank on Google. Some of the benefits are:

It increases your site Speed.

It provides you security and support team if you have any problem related to your Site.

It provides you with the Backup of your whole site if anyone does any mischievous activity on your website.

According to the latest Google Algorithm, your Site Speed also plays one of the most important in ranking. Google analyzes your site speed by some tools and ranks you according to that.

Nowadays everyone wants to have a Hyper Text Transfer Protocol Secure (HTPPS) to protect their user data. You can get this by requesting your hoster to get an SSL certificate. Google counts this as one of the ranking factors.

In today’s world security is one of the most important things and hosting provides you that. It keeps your data safe and secured.

Remember: Always buy the Best Hosting. For a few Dollars please don’t put your site on risk.

  • Theme

Top 10 SEO Tricks For 2019

There are many things that depend on your themes. Your Website Intrfence totally depends on your themes. If anyone visits our website then he will first see your themes or website pattern and then he will move to the Content.

So definitely theme plays an important role.

But every one of us makes a Simple Mistake. We generally don’t but Theme and instead of that we use nulled theme and here the all problem starts.

When we are using the nulled theme then we are putting our site on risk. In the nulled theme, there are chances that hackers can attack our website. In our study, it is found that the website who use nulled themes are attacked more. People even try to log in your website 1000 times in a single day.

So you should be aware of all the things before you use nulled themes. Theme costs you only once but it will help you in the future.

  • Selection of a keyword

Selection of the Keyword is the most important part. Before doing anything else you should first choose the Keywords for your Website. You should do a proper research for the keywords. You can use Google Adwords to find your keywords.

Top 10 SEO Tricks For 2019

In the Keyword Planner Tool you can see the number of searches for that particular keyword and according to that, you can easily select your Keywords.

One more thing to remember which selecting the Keywords is that always select long-tail keyword. Long-Tail keywords help to reach more than just one Keyword. Google also helps the Long-Tail Keywords.

  • Target a Particular Keyword

After making the Website you should decide that on what Keywords your website should rank and after doing that start working on that.

Top 10 SEO Tricks For 2019

Firstly target only one or two particular keywords. Write on these particular Keywords in Detail and cover all the information about that.

When you are done with writing then start promoting this blogs. Start making backlinks. Share it on Social Media and different groups.

Once these blogs are on Top then links the other blogs with different keywords with this. Blogs with different keywords will also get the Traffic and they will also rank.

  • Backlinks

Top 10 SEO Tricks For 2019

Backlinks are not much important as compared to the previous days but still, they play they are useful and helps you a lot.

Remember one thing If you are making backlinks it should be a good site and it should add value to your site. Don’t make backlinks on those sites which do not follow Google Rules and Regulations. They will harm your website instead of helping. When Google crawler comes on their website and scans your link also their then it will not send a positive sign to their database.

Submit your posts also in web submission, blog commenting and related stuff. It will definitely help you in long run.

Work on a particular type of backlink for a particular time only or in a particular proportion only. For Example, if you are doing blog commenting then don’t do the only blog commenting for the whole day. Instead do a mixture of Blog Commenting, Web 2.0 Submission, Search Engine Submission etc. It will definitely send a good Signal to Google.

  • Discover What Your Competitors are Doing

Doing good work on your site is not just enough nowadays. You should also have an eye on your competitors. You should know how they are working, what are their latest strategies, on which backlinks they are working an all that.

Top 10 SEO Tricks For 2019

For all these works there are tools available in the market. You can easily these and can have a better view of your competitors.

  • Optimize Your Website Properly

To get a rank on Google your website should be properly Optimised. The images and the Video you use should be well optimized. Google gives the Quality score for this. There are many plugins available on WordPress that helps you to optimize your site properly.

No broken links should be present on your site. Broken Link affects your site a lot in a negative way. So you must delete the broken links from your Website.

  • Use Google Platforms as much as you can


Top 10 SEO Tricks For 2019

Use all the Google free platforms as much as you can. You should register to all the Google Platforms like Google Search Console, Google Analytics, Google Plus, Google Trends etc.

It will send a positive sign to Google. When you are indexed in all the Platforms of the Google then it will be easy for the Google to recognize you and help you to grow.

Our studies have shown us that if you are having Accounts on all the Platforms and using them in a proper way then it will definitely help you to grow.

  • Google Trends or BuzzSumo

Top 10 SEO Tricks For 2019


If you are a news website or website related to recent updates then this is going to help you a lot.


Google Trends or BuzzSumo tells you the trending topics and the number of searches that are made in the in the last few hours. What you have to do is start making your content related to these. If you are making a proper blog and a lot of people are searching related to the same topic then Google will help you to grow.

You can do one more thing. Try to predict the near future Trending Topics and start writing them in advance. When the peak time comes and you already have a blog on that topic then there are much more chances to rank.

For example, We all know Christmas comes in December and everyone searches on this topic in December then write a beautiful blog in advance (in November). When are having a blog already on the Trending Topic then will rank high earlier.


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