A Complete Guide To User-Generated Content

A Complete Guide To User-Generated Content

What Is User-Generated Content?

Any content that is created by the users of the brand over the Internet to share their experience or reviews with the brand is known as user-generated content (UGC) or user-created content (UCC). People create content with their free will and share it on the Internet. They are not paid for the brands. UGC can be any form, but some of the significant types of UGC are

  • Photos
  • Texts
  • Videos
  • Reviews
  • Infographics
  • Status Updates
  • Comments
  • Tweets

These are some of the significant types of user-generated content. People are free to create UGC in any form and share it on the Internet.

Now, let’s discuss some of the significant benefits of user-generated content.

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Benefits Of User-Generated Content

When you look closely at the online content, you will find that people are sharing their reviews or experience online in the form of instagram stories, tweets, status updates, images, etc. People are talking and sharing about the product or services they like or dislike through online platforms.

User-generated content (UGC) acts as word of mouth in the online marketing world. UGC is essential for the brands’ overall presence. It also gives a chance to the audience to be a part of the more significant community and make them feel that their voice is being heard.

There are countless benefits of user-generated content, but today, we are going to tell you some of the significant benefits of UGC.

1 Cost-Effective

The real users of the brand create UGC by posting about their experience with the brand’s product or service. The brands do not pay people for creating the UGC. They do it with their own free will.

This is the beauty of user-generated content that brands don’t have to empty their pocket for the creation of UGC. They have to encourage people to create UGC for them. If brands properly manage the UGC, then it can serve them as a goldmine.

2 More Authentic and Trustworthy

Authenticity plays a vital role in the online marketing world. If you want to grow, you need to gain the trust of the users and UGC can help you to achieve this goal. According to the report, 63% of the people would buy from a brand they consider more authentic.

Nowadays, people are the active chooses of their own choice. They no longer depend on the paid ads of the brands to make their purchase decision. Instead, they rely on the content that is created by the other users of the brand.

The users of the brand create UGC so, the consumers can relate with it in a better way. Hence UGC helps you gain the trust of the users.

3 Unique & Fresh

The user-generated content campaign is the best way to produce fresh and unique content. The audience will create a different type of content than your marketing team. Sometimes people may create better content than your marketing team. Hence your visitors will get to see some new and original content.

4 Increases Socia Media Reach

The strength of UGC campaigns reaches to a new hight when combined with social media. Organizing a user-generated content campaign on social media is one of the best ways to engage the audience and create word of mouth around your brand and make a digital presence.

User-Generated Content

Strategies that help to make your campaign successful on social media:

  • Create a hashtag campaign
  • Ask a question
  • Organize a quiz

People also love to see and get engaged with the user-generated content campaign on social media. There are many examples like UGC campaigns on social media like #WhiteCupContest, #BMWRepost, #Adobe, etc. that got great success on social media and helped the brands to build a strong brand image on social media.

5 Better SEO Perks

Embedding user-generated content, along with the regular content on the website, helps you to gain better SEO rankings. By embedding UGC along with the regular content, you are providing a variety of content to the audience. This will increase the dwell time of the site, and hence, you will get more time to showcase your product or service in a better way.

Search engines also love UGC as it is fresh, unique and authentic, so search engines give preference to the website that embeds UGC along with the regular content.

6 Increases Engagement

User-engagement plays a crucial role in today’s online marketing world. Brands are finding ways to engage the users so that they can market their product in a better way. UGC can help the brands to achieve this goal. Here are some of the significant reasons that will help you to understand the importance of UGC on the site

Brand engagement increases by 28% when user-generated content is incorporated with professional content.
84% of the millennials admit that UGC helps them to make a purchase decision.
64% of the customers acknowledge that they search for customer reviews and rating before making a purchase decision.

People love to see and get engaged with the user-generated content online. These facts are enough to understand the importance of UGCin today’s online world.

7 Save Time

Organizing a UGC campaign is one of the best ways to get quality, unique and fresh content quickly. You have to encourage your targeted audience to share their content for your brand.

Nowadays, people have 24*7 mobile access, so it’s easy for them to create and share content for you. Sometimes people can create better content even then your marketing team. You have to curate the right content according to your need.

There are many tools available in the market which the help of which you can easily curate the content created by the users by keywords and hashtags. Hence, UGC campaigns can save your time.

Now, let’s time to discuss what user-generated content platforms are?

What Is User-Generated Content Platforms

A user-generated content platform is software as a service, which helps the brands to curate the user-generated content like images, texts, videos, reviews, etc. Brands can curate any content with the help of hashtags, keywords, mentions, etc.

UGC platforms have made the life of marketers easier by reducing the time for the content curation and clear the legal rights to use it on different platforms. UGC platforms curate the content of different accounts and display it on one single screen.

There are many different UGC platforms available in the market. So it may be confusing for you to select the best one for you. So, here is a list of key points that you must consider before choosing a UGC platform.

  • Price
  • Easy To Use
  • Customization
  • Features (Basic + Advance)
  • Authenticity
  • Security
  • Customer Support

Now, its time to discuss some successful examples of user-generated content campaigns that worked for the brands and help them to boost their sales and make a strong brand image.

Top 5 Examples Of User-Generated Content

1 Coca-Cola

Coca-Cola is one of the leading soft drink brands all over the world. The marketing team of Coca-Cola came up with the idea of the #ShareACoke campaign. The campaign first began in Australia in 2011 and Coke decided to print 150 common names on the bottles. Under this campaign, people were asked to share a coke with their loved ones and post their picture over the Internet under the hashtag #ShareACoke.

People very well accepted the campaign start sharing their photos and videos over the Internet while sharing the Coke. This single campaign increases consumption by adults by 7% and boosts the sales of the company by more than 2% in the US. The company then launched this campaign in more than 80 countries based on their culture and background. This is one of the best examples of the user-generated content campaign.

2 Starbucks

In 2014, Starbucks launched its “White Cup Contest”. Under this campaign, the users were asked to draw the white cup, and the winner the contest would have their design printed on the limited edition Starbucks plastic cup.

People actively participated in the contest and started to share their printed cups under the hashtag#WhiteCupContest. The campaign was an instant hit, and Starbucks received more than 4000 printed cups in just three weeks.

3 National Geography

Nat Geo is known for its unique and creative photos. It is one of the most popular social media brands, with over 90 million Instagram followers and 45 million Facebook followers. Once Net Geo launched a campaign “Your Shot” via a subdomain to create a photo community. Net Geo allows photographers to sign up and share their content. This campaign allows new photographers to connect with National Geographic’s photographers and editors and showcase their talent to a larger group of people.

The editors of Net Geo select the best 12 photos every week and share it on their official Instagram account. The primary objective of the campaign was to aware the followers about different cultures and geographic locations through images.

4 Wayfair

Instagram came up with shopping feature in 2016 and was very well accepted by the audience.

Wayfair is one of the leading homes decor brands known for its affordable and quality product and selling the products through social media campaigns. Wayfair was quick to adopt the shoppable post feature.

The new shoppable post feature discarded the traditional way of post ads and showcased the product. The shopping feature automatically tagged the Wayfair product and set the price of the product.

It was straightforward for the Wayfair followers to buy the product through the shoppable post feature. It increased the Wayfair website traffic by three times.


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5 Netflix

Inspired by the name of the series “Stranger Things”, Netflix decided to promote the series using user-generated content. Generally, to spread word of mouth about their upcoming series, Nexflix share fans post along with the simple hashtag usually the title of the show.

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A post shared by Stranger Things (@strangerthingstv) on

In one such campaign, Netflix uses #StrangerThings2 in their hashtag to promote the show. The curious Instagram followers of the series looked back at the Instagram page of Netflix. Getting entertained by the idea, people started to share their photos with the strange things in their lives along with the title as the hashtag. With such an innovative campaign, Netflix generated over 1 million audiences in 2 weeks. This is one of the best examples of the user-generated content campaign.

Pros And Cons Of User-Generated Content


User-Generated Content

User-generated content is the utmost important thing in the online marketing world. But, like everything else, user-generated content to have pros and cons.

So, now we are going to discuss the pros and cons of user-generated content.

Pros Of User-Generated Content (Advantages Of UGC)

1 Increases Dwell Time

Average time spent by the users on the website is as known dwell time. Dwell time is considered as one of the essential SEO matrics and helps in the overall development of the site.

The user must spend a desirable time on the website so that he can easily remember your site when while making a purchase decision. Dwell time is the direct matic to measure the quality of the content on your website. A user will stay longer on your site if he finds the content interesting and engaging.

User-generated content will help you to achieve this goal. UGC content like photos, texts, videos, Q&A can help you to increase the dwell time of the site. You have to encourage your existing customers to submit their reviews and thoughts about your brand.

People love to see and get engaged with the user-generated content over the Internet. According to a report Top, 25% of the big brands of the world embed user-generated content along with the regular content. This has helped them to engage the users and thus improves the dwell time of the site.

2 Solve The Problem Of Content Crush

According to a study done in 2014, the biggest challenge of marketers is to produce unique and exciting content for the audience. The problem of content crush has raised in recent years due to the over-exploitation of the content over the Internet. But user-generated content has solved the issue of the content crush of the marketers to a great extent.

People are creative, and they can produce quality content for your brand for free. UGC is evergreen. It is the content created by the users for the users of the brand. You have to curate and manage the content in a proper way to maximize its reach.

Cons Of User-Generated Content (Disadvantages Of UGC)

1 Legal Issues

You may face legal issue while handling the user-generated content as should know that not all the content that is shared under the hashtag on social media can be used. The user is the sole owner of the content, and you have to take permission from the users to use their content. These rights management issues may seem to be tricky, but there is software available in the market that can help you.

2 Content Moderation

Content Moderation is one of the biggest challenges you may face while using user-generated content on site. When you allow users to publish content on your website, then they don’t need always to post actual content. You may find some content that may harm the brand image and can effects you in a negative way. Some websites are victims of abusive and offensive content online.

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