What are Backlinks? Are They Important?

What are Backlinks? Are They Important?

What are Backlinks? Are They Important?

If you have a website or if you are willing to create a one then you must have listened to the term “Backlinks”. A question may arise in your mind that what are Backlinks and whether these are important or not. So today we are going to clear your this doubt.

What are Backlinks? Are They Important?

What is Backlink

If the link of your website is present on some other website then that link is known as Backlink. You may get a clear view of the following example:

If you go to the market for buying a Mobile Phone and there are 10 shops for the same mobile that you want. So in which shop you will go to? You need some suggestion or reference. So now you ask other shopkeepers that which shop is better. Some will say Shop no 8 is good while others may say that Shop no 4 is good. But at last you get the maximum number of good reviews or suggestion about the Shop no 8 and now you go Shop No 8.

What are Backlinks? Are They Important?

Google works in a similar way. If you make a Backlink on some reputed website and when the crawler of Google crawls that website, it will find the link of your website, then it will act as a good sign for your website. The crawler will send positive feedback to the database and Google starts trusting you as a good website.

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In other words, you can also say that by gaining the trust of the Google you can rank high and this trust is gain by the Backlinks.

There are many methods to create backlinks like Directory Submission, Blog Commenting, Web 2.0 Submission, Bookmarking etc. All these methods help you to gain Backlinks.

Are They Important?

The most important thing that affects ranking is content. If your content is good then only you can rank and if your content is not good or copied and you are working on Backlinks then you are not going to rank.

So after Content, Backlinks are one of the most important things that help you to rank. In today’s competitive world you just cannot totally depend on your content, it may take a lot of time to rank. Here backlinks play their role. It helps you to rank fast and increase your traffic in a short period of time.

Tip: You should always gain quality Backlinks from reputed websites. If you gain bed quality Backlinks then it may affect your website in a negative way.

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