What is SEO?? Boost Rank

What is SEO?? Boost Rank

What is SEO?

What is SEO?? Boost Rank: SEO stands for search engine optimization which enables users to have increasing quantity and quality traffic to their website through organic search engine results.

What really SEO does to your Website?

Understanding the SEO is much easier than to implement it to your own website, so let’s make it fun both learning and implementing to your own website

  • Quality Traffic: If Google is telling people that your a farmer selling apple when a person selling apple phone that is not a traffic your website needs, although the traffic is coming to your website if you are getting a traffic related to your provided keyword or niche then that is called the quality traffic.
  • The quantity of Traffic: The traffic when comes to the website through the SERP`s i.e. search engine results page increases the traffic ratio.
  • Organic Traffic: The traffic that comes through the keyword research directly to your website then that traffic is known to be as organic traffic.
  • Advertisements – Google Ad-words is being used to get the traffic and top page results according to the bid on the top.

Here is the info that if you search for google then related post are coming when using the keyword “villa” through the ads section and another top result is by organically done SEO.


Organic search traffic is something that is totally unpaid by any means to get traffic.

How SEO works?

What happens when you search for any keyword you must be getting a long list of links including the answers you want for that particular search.

Obviously, that`s true for the particular set of a section but what is the reason behind that ??

Actually, the reason is that all the search engine where you submit your website there will be crawlers of that search engine which crawl your website and send 1s and 0s to the server to build the index and people will get the list of the all the links which are the most relevant to the keyword. So what factor make that successful is SEO factors.

So what basically optimization means? Is it the only thing that works for the speed of website it also means how efficient and targeted your people keyword find your content on the search engine.


How to make your Content SEO friendly

You may be wondering after reading this article that SEO for an individual is not a good work to do with but that is absolutely wrong because SEO can be done easily just you need to research and read blog articles to stay updated with the techniques and there are many factors which may be

Link building

The most important factor on which entire SEO is based up which we will study in a further blog.

On-page SEO

This is a type of SEO which we have to do while writing our content to best optimize the content for the people ease

Email Marketing

This will make your blog or sale reach high up to the sky. Many people make money doing that.

Further, there are many topics which will be up to the next blog


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